Name your baby from within - A different perspective on naming your baby (Webinar - Audio Only)

May 18th, 2016

Naming your precious baby is sure to be one of the highlights of your motherhood journey. We want to share this idea with you: What if your little one already has a name? Yes, your baby might already have a preference for a certain name, or actually a specific name that already resonates with him/her. This combination of the perfect sounds will enhance and support who he/she want to be in his/her life. Find out more about where this theory comes from, how it works, and more importantly, find out how to discover your baby's name from within. In this free webinar, Dr. Flavio Souza-Campos, Master Hypnotherapist and experienced hypnotist, will cover amazing details that will for sure enhance this beautiful part of your journey. To know more about Dr. Flavio you can visit his YouTube channel, here: